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Avsnitt: Sporting life, Cultural life, Local Economy, Labour market, Education, Development och The High Coast.

Sporting life

Örnsköldsvik has a strong sporting tradition in both the winter and summer. There is room for both recreational exercise and elite performance.

Floorball: Örnsköldsvik has a long tradition of playing floorball. Both the men’s and women’s teams have won several national gold medals over the years, and have grown in both strength and size.

Football: There are a number of football pitches around the municipality. The modern indoor Bosch Rexroth hall close to the town is where teams from all over Örnsköldsvik train on astroturf.

Ice Hockey: The ice hockey tradition is strong, and Modo Hockey has been successful. The municipality has many different indoor and outdoor ice rinks.

Tennis: At the Mattsborgen tennis facilities close to the town, you can play tennis all year round. They have both clay and hard courts.

Golf: There is a large interest in golf, and the courses at Veckefjärden (which has been chosen as Norrland’s best golf course) and Puttom offer high class conditions in fantastic environments for both residents and visitors.

Skiing: Örnsköldsvik has the right conditions for winter sports such as cross-country and down-hill skiing, with a number of skiing trails and two large slaloms as well as ski jumping and a skijump in the centre of town..

Ice Skating: In addition to figure skating and ice hockey, cross-country skating is a popular activity that offers both a sporting and nature experience beyond the norm.

Skyttis: The large outdoor and sporting facility of Skyttis sticks out from our sports facilities. There is an artificial pitch, athletics tracks, floorball and football pitches, and skating and ice hockey rinks and an asphalt track to artificial snow tracks.

Cultural life

Örnsköldsvik is home to many residents interested in culture. These residents contribute to a vibrant cultural scene filled with different activities. Our school of culture is a source of inspiration for children and young people

Culture: Several cultural activities are organised each year, and there are several local heritage centres and institutions such as the Genesmon outdoor archaeological museum and Örnsköldsvik Museum and Art Gallery.

Theatre: With the Örnsköldsvik National Theatre Association at the helm, there are a number of societies that offer everything from classical theatre to variety shows.

The Culture Centre: The municipality has allocated SEK 700,000 to a further assessment and pre project planning for a culture centre that will be a meeting place for the municipality’s cultural scene.

High Coast Art Valley: In the Art Valley, the Nätterlund Foundation has placed out 25 works of art from Swedish artists and local talent. Together they create a stretch of culture running from the Ulv islands along the Nätraälven valley.

Musikmakarna (The Music Makers): The vocational Musikmakarna school and its prospective music producers have put Örnsköldsvik on the Swedish music map. The Dream Hill Academy Music School is run by the famous music producer Anders Bagge who has also established his name in recent years.

Music: Kulturskolan (the culture school) has become an important basis for the many orchestras, choirs, rock and pop groups, folk and jazz musicians in Örnsköldsvik.

Local Economy

Örnsköldsvik is business-friendly municipality with a high concentration of businesses, a lot of international companies, a strong entrepreneurial tradition and a desire to develop. Collaboration between the municipality and businesses has become a success factor.

Climate Smart: With the future in focus, climate smart production of goods and services is under development, as well as the manufacture of energy efficient products from renewable raw materials

Industrial History: Örnsköldsvik has a strong industrial history, with a large and competitive collection of skills amongst businesses such as BAE Systems, Bosch Rexroth and Aditya Birla Domsjö.

Örnsköldsvik Municipality is responsible for 3 % of Sweden’s total net exports.

North Sweden Cleantech: builds on private and public sector collaborations in Västerbotten and Örnsköldsvik. Two projects will create even better conditions and add to the position of leaders in innovative energy and environmental technology, as well as growth.

>2,500 businesses within trade and service, plus an industry where many businesses are aimed towards the international market.

NIS: For a long time, “Business in Collaboration” (NIS) has included the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Företagarna, Örnsköldsviks industrigrupp and the municipality, focusing on Örnsköldsvik’s development.

Tourism: More visitors are making their way to the High Coast. For the sixth year running, there has been a record turnover and number of visitors than in previous years.

The service sector continues to grow in strength, especially within IT where several businesses operate on the national and international market.

Labour market

The labour market in Örnsköldsvik is being diversified with a growing service sector and through tourism, which complements the strong industry.

Internationally: We have one of Northern Sweden’s most international business climates, with a vast number of jobs with multi-national companies.

50 minute commute between Örnsköldsvik C and Umeå C via the Bothnia Line.

>26,000 jobs within the municipal boundaries. 2/3 of these are part of the private sector.

Careers: The powerful local economy offers good career opportunities. Engineers, technicians and educational and healthcare workers are in high demand.

Collaboration: Örnsköldsvik works together with Umeå as a joint labour market region, to guarantee the long-term skills provision and attractive nature of Örnsköldsvik.

> 100, 000 jobs together with Umeå, northern Sweden’s largest labour market.


Örnsköldsvik offers select courses created in close collaboration with regional trade and industry, at university and higher vocational education levels.

The University: Certain courses and programmes are organised by Umeå University, with some on site but several programmes and courses available as distance learning.

Lärcentrum - the Learning Centre:offers higher education courses and higher vocational education in a calm and attractive study environment, where the students have access to technical equipment, examination services and library.

Commuting: Many students study in Umeå but live in Örnsköldsvik. The commute to Umeå University via the Bothnia Line takes around 50 minutes. Travelling with Kustbussarna takes around one hour.

The Higher Vocational Education school arranges courses in technology, foot care, software and systems technology. The Musikmakarna music production centre has been incredibly successful in the music industry.

Research: In collaboration with Umeå University, Mid Sweden University and Luleå University of Technology work with the engineering industries in successful research within forestry, tourism and process industry, as well as chemistry, energy and social science research.

Collaboration: Many courses, both at university and higher vocational level are established in collaboration with regional industry.

Folk High School: The range of folk high schools include the nationally renowned Anders Bagge Dreamhill, plus the Music Academy, Hälsocoach, Musiklinjen and Teaterlinjen.


Örnsköldsvik is working towards a positive industrial climate. Industry, associations, municipality and other public sector actors work together in World Class Örnsköldsvik to find solutions and create growth.

Driving force: Örnsköldsvik has a drive and faith in the future that keeps construction rolling, businesses starting, and associations flourishing. There is the desire and courage to create and show the ability to take action.

World-class Örnsköldsvik: The work to promote development throughout the geographical municipality is referred to as “World Class Örnsköldsvik”.

The Challenges: An intelligence analysis conducted by World Class Örnsköldsvik identified a number of challenges for development. A large portion involves opening up to the world around, new regions, new populations and for all age groups.

North Sweden Cleantech: Vasa, Västerbotten and Örnsköldsvik work together to strengthen the positions as leaders in the areas of energy and environmental technology through two Cleantech projects.

The Idea Gates: The World Class Idea Gates are a sounding board and development platform for brilliant ideas, together with coaching, matching and co-financing.

Networks: Örnsköldsvik has a long tradition collaboration and networking. World Class Networking brings people together who are enthusiastic about the development of Örnsköldsvik, and offers a place for discussion and the time to share ideas and thoughts.

Business Climate: Örnsköldsvik works together to ensure a good business climate that makes it easy to be a business-owner and which encourages the establishment and development of more companies in the area.

The High Coast

The beautiful World Heritage Site of the High Coast that traces Norrland is home to the highest coastline in the world that provides unique evidence of how Sweden rose up after each ice age.

Örnsköldsvik is part of the High Coast: Like Kramfors, Härnösand and Sollefteå, Örnsköldsvik is a part of the High Coast. Together, a fantastic range of sights, activities and experiences are offered.

The Skule forest: Just some of the sights in the untouched, wild Skuleskogen National Park include the Slåttdal cleft, the view from Slåttdal mountain, elevation trails, large forests and the High Coast Nature Room.

Outdoor Recreation: The natural environment of the High Coast offers fantastic outdoor opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast and those who just want to relax, both out in the archipelago and in nature.

Natural Heritage: The world’s highest coastline provides unique evidence of how Sweden rose up after each ice age. The world record was measured at the top of Skuleberg, where the coastline reaches an incredible 286 above the current sea level.

The Archipelago: Ulvön, Trysunda and Grisslan are three famous and well-loved islands. The Skag and Högbonden lighthouses and their surroundings are other highlights, just as Rotsidan and the fishing areas in Norrfällsviken and Bönhamn.

Meetings: Meetings can take place at the destination’s accommodation facilities, along a hiking trail or in a cabin – but also in arranged forms such as different outdoor and taste festivals.

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